Featuring Our Riders

The riders get stronger, sit up taller, they speak more clearly, their self-confidence increases....the improvements are wide and varied. We have had so many parents tell us that their son/daughter would not do their stretches at home, but that is the first thing they do when they are mounted. Or that their balance, or their upper body strength is sooo much better!   But the common denominator for all our riders is that they have so much fun!  The children in our program get to do something that most of their friends have only dreamed of---they ride a horse!  And they do it very well.



Clara enjoys greater mobility, coordination and social communication when participating in EquiVenture.




Bella developed enough balance and coordination that she has progressed from needing a backrider to riding astride with sidewalkers.




Oliver is an awesome little boy that happens to be sporting "designer genes" aka Down syndrome. One of Oliver's biggest struggles is hypotonia which means he has weak or low muscle tone. Horseback riding is not only fun for him, but it helps build his core muscles.




With Noah we have noticed improvements in fine and gross motor skills, improved coordination and balance. His core strength has improved as well as his social skills.




Marabel has low muscle tone and is not able to walk without a walker, she is also nonverbal. With EquiVenture she has gained more core strength and will say "Bubba" - the name of the pony she rides. The only other words she can say are momma and dada. Marabel has gone from crying at the first couple sessions to ending the season eager and happy to ride Bubba. Her mother says they are very grateful to Equiventure and the volunteers! The program has been a wonderful experience for our sweet Marabel!




When Audrey first came to us, she used a wheelchair and a walker. With the strength and coordination she has developed in the program, Audrey gets out of her wheelchair and walks independently now. 




Desiree has grown and bloomed through her association with our riding program. She has improved focus, social structure and coordination and agility. She is a terrific Ambassador and greets all the new riders and shows them around :-)




Dallas is 6 years old and has Autism and severe Anxiety.  Since coming to Equiventure his coordination, muscle control, and anxiety issues have improved. Through this program he has learned to follow directions, how to ride a horse, and it gave him something to look forward to each week. It allowed him to be a part of something while developing social skills in a pressure free environment. 

I loved to see his dedication each week, and how happy riding on his horse Sailor made him. It was amusing to see him up there on that horse making the volunteers laugh. 




Through riding, Leland has stronger muscles as well as improved concentration and interacting with the sidewalkers and the instructor.




Equiventure has been an amazing experience for Caitlin and our family!  Since Caitlin started riding, her balance and coordination have improved greatly!  She’s also increased her upper body strength and confidence as well!  Caitlin’s communication skills and speech have also greatly improved since she started riding.  There’s just something about sitting in the saddle that helps Caitlin relax, and she’s happy to help instruct and learn about the horses!  Wheatie will forever have a special place in Caitlin’s heart!